Internal Audits & Due Dilligence

Internal Audits & Due Dilligence

Internal Audits and Due Diligence

Our Process

When you sign up to improve your business’ financial health at June Rose Accountants, we take that seriously. The make-up of our Internal Audit team – with vast cross-sector experience and a keen eye for minutiae – demonstrates our commitment to understand and improve your business, whatever you do.

We’ll come to your business to observe your processes, looking for where resources, time, and crucially, money is being wasted. We bring a fresh pair of eyes to a situation you might be overlooking somewhere, and we’ll do our due diligence to ensure that we can help you optimise your business along every step of the way.

Where We Can Help

Following an internal audit by our expert team, we can advise you on a variety of ways to improve efficiency, workflow, and everything that can help your business run as smoothly as you need it. Our team has experience across a range of sectors, and understand not only how finance works, but we understand the core of businesses.

We can advise on anything to make your business run smoother, including but not limited to:

  • Process analysis and efficiency
  • Stock levels, margins, and the optimal sales mix for you
  • Third party apps and how to integrate them
  • Theft detection and prevention

From our vast expertise, we’ll be sure to give you exactly the advice you need to maximise your operations and work out any bottlenecks in your processes.

Finding Out What You Need

Any business of any size can benefit from an internal audit performed by a pair of fresh eyes, so if you want to improve performance in your firm, get in touch. We’ll be able to talk through which areas we can work with in your industry, either over the phone or at an in-person meeting and figure out how to start improving your business immediately.

Call one of our expert team members today either at 01666 822 966 or 07540 706561, or email us at We’ll be happy to discuss your business and how to proceed with your needs at the heart.

Are you ready to work with an accountancy practice with a modern approach?

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We make sure you have the data and advice you need to make better decisions and manage your risks.

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